Our detector, based on French technology pioneered by Mr. Alain Châtillon, the Deepers MF is a true multi frequency detector, the most powerful in its category. Depending on the type of soil being hunted, desired signal strength, search depth or amount of electrical interference in the area, the Deepers MF can be adjusted to 400 different frequencies ranging from 550 Hertz to 950 Hertz. This allows you to finely tune the instrument to your particular hunting needs. Thus, to eliminate mineralized ground and electrical interference and therefore maximize your chances of success.
The new Deepers MF will surprise you with its capabilities. It is very easy to set up and use. With semi automatic Auto Tune the detector is able to set a threshold level that is maintained automatically by the detector even with over changing ground conditions. A very solid and efficient detector made for professional as well as hobby treasure hunters.  Easily able to detect deeply buried metal targets and particularly effective for detecting gold, silver or bronze.
Similar to our previous model but with many improvements in circuitry, more user-friendly and easily capable of locating a small and single ancient gold, silver and bronze coin, e.g a fifty cent coin at a depth of 15-16 inches in the most difficult mineralized ground and can reach down to 11-12 feet for larger objects or metal mass such as treasure chests, a piece of bronze or copper and even meteorites. This detector is the latest in technology developed in our research and development laboratory. We have incorporated the Auto Tune system and a Drop Gold Silver system to maximize performance when locating gold, silver or other precious metals. Five different coil configurations are available to tailor your particular type of hunting. For beach hunting we have included a bottle cap reject capabilities (the plague in metal detection). You will find it to be the most capable and powerful Pulse Induction detector on the  worldwilde market.
Auto Tune System:

The new
Deepers MF is very powerful and will surprise you with its efficiency. It is an easy to use detector with a semiautomatic tuning system that provides the detector with great stability and permits to the user to maintain the chosen threshold tone level regardless the ground conditions and mineralization. Solid and reliable by its performance, this professional Deepers detector will   respond to your expectations in your research and detection of metals, including deeply buried metal and particularly in researches involving gold and silver.
Normally Auto Tune capabilities as used with VLF detectors have been very difficult to regulate in Pulse Induction detectors and current pulse induction detectors on the market which incorporate this feature loose from 20 to 30% of detection depth. At Deepers we consider this loss in detection depth to be unacceptable and we have found a solution to solve this problem. After a lot of researches, developing prototypes and many field trials, our engineers have developed a completely innovative circuit which places us at the top best metal detector for this criterion according to the competition. The new Deepers MF works on a frequency set by the user for smooth and stable threshold maintained by our trade mark semiautomatic tuning system (DYNAMIC/STATIC tracking mode). This allows increased accuracy of discrimination along with deeper penetration of the signal than any of our previous models or those of our competitors.
Memory System: When an extremely weak or deep signal is detected, continued sweeping of the coil over the area will energize the target and cause the detector to memorize the signal and augment the sound level with each new pass of the coil allowing for target location at extreme depths. Deepers MF is the only apparatus on the market to have this very useful feature and assists in the location of deep targets in relation to their respective volume. For example, a coin slightly larger than an inch as diameter will easily be detected around 15-16 inches and up to 18 inches with the new memory system exclusive to Deepers MF. An impossible task for any other pulse or VLF detector. A large deeply buried target can easily be found using the same technology and actually the bigger the target, the deeper the capability of the Deepers to detect it.
Discrimination: Deepers MF is programmed to allow the operator to reject iron targets under the coil for the first 12-20 inches of depth. The circuitry will reject iron objects like horse shoes or iron scrap by illuminating the Rejection light. The metal detector will reject iron but while it will easily recognize gold, silver, bronze and other non-ferrous metals. The depth of iron rejection is adjusted by the operator using the potentiometer (DISCRI) feature.
Voltage Regulator for extended use: 12 to 16 hours of continuous use possible with the Gel-Cell 12V 4A battery fully charged. Taking into account rest breaks the battery should last from 18 to 22 hours. The external Gel-Cell battery can be changed out in a few seconds with another fully charged battery extending the hunting time to several days before needing to head back for a recharge. The Gel-Cell 12V 4A battery can be found at most electronics or battery stores.
Complete assortment of coils to meet the needs of each detectorist and to match the ground conditions of the hunted site.

Deepers MF includes a complete "selection" of various size and type of detector coils to meet the needs of the particular mode of detection or to handle various ground conditions. Available are the Planar mono coil, an elliptical coil measuring 10 inches x 13 inches (comes standard with the detector) capable of depths to 4 feet and beyond on large targets, the wand for searching walls and tight places, the Planar DD Litz technology coil for gold, silver and precious metal prospecting in highly mineralized ground, the tubular hyper sensitive 21 inches x 10 inches (the biggest hand held on the market) capable of reaching depths of over 6 feet on large metal targets and finally the 40 inch by 40 inch frame coil for easy ground penetration on large targets up to 3.5 meters/ 12 feet or more.
To learn more about the coils please follow the link Available Coils
The variety of all these detection coils will satisfy any detecting need from coin or relic shooting of small targets up to 20 inches in depth, searching walls and voids, gold nugget prospecting or the largest and deepest treasure caches. Nothing is out of reach!
Cache of silver located with Deepers MF. Dozens of detectors passed over this known area of treasure without locating the cache. The Deepers has easily located it at over 28 inches deep using the Hypersensitive coil and the Deepers MF set at a frequency of 950 Hertz.
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This allows the operator to ignore surface or subsurface of iron trash with a high concentration of iron objects. However the deeper iron objects are more likely they have been placed at a deeper levels by someone in order to hide them, e.g. an iron pot full of coins, and iron bound chest or weapons. Meteorites are also found at great depths due to the high speed on impact and the amount of time that has passed since a meteorite fell.
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